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Posted by on Januar 21, 2013

Well, as I said, we had a great time in Shanghai. Not quite a typical touristic time though, but it couldn’t have been any better.
This blogpost is not going to be a chronological one, I will try to put more weight on the overall-experience we had, on the people we met, the clubs we went to and the feelings and moods we went through.

Many people asked us already:“ what was Shanghai like, what sights did you see, is it expensive, is it a beautiful city.
And my answer was always the same:
I haven’t seen much of shanghai in the daylight. The city in my opinion and also in what I’ve heard from locals, has more impressive sides at night than at daytime. And I guess that Paul and I were very lucky to meet the perfect people to go out with at the first evening.
No lonely planet and no tourist guide could have provided such valuable information about the nightlife in shanghai than the people we met at the evening we got to Shanghai.
We went from the blues and jazz scene over high society house-music clubs in the lofts of skyscrapers to minimal techno party’s in underground cellars that could compare to Berlin’s music scene.
All over we met people who again invited us to after party’s, gave us hints for the next best places, pulled us through underground clubs and invited us to their homes. We met many artists, musicians, but also students from all over the world who come to Shanghai to enjoy the modern, kind of free and independent china.
If I can say so, after staying in Shanghai for 7 nights, a usual evening for us began at around 20:00. We first used to go to a bar called „blues and jazz“, the bar where we had spent the first evening and where we had a warm welcome by Victor the barkeeper. This bar was directly on opposite of the street of our hostel.
There we would drink a few beers and enjoy the live music of the best band I’ve heard in a long time: the Greg Luttrell Band featuring Mike null. They had a groove that was a perfect startup for a long evening. When these guys were finished jamming, they invited us to join them to „JZ“, another bar in the Shanghai jazz-scene. There we met even more people, all so damn friendly and helpful. It was like a chain reaction. Within two days there was no club we entered without meeting people we already knew from other places.
One of the guys, Gilbert (also known as the Governor) even managed to get us an interview with Shanghai-TV. They all treated us like we had been friends for a long time.
The drummer of the band, the one we met nearly every evening, was Tony Hall. He had a very philosophic way of thinking and I had some seriously great conversations with him. When I sad good by to him, I felt like saying goodby to an old friend.
I must say, our nightlife in Shanghai consisted of everything one could wish.
My legs and feet, even after half a year of cycling, were hurting from dancing when I left Shanghai for the party’s were never ending.
Hereby I want to say thank you to all the people that gave us a great time in Shanghai, I seriously couldn’t have ever imagined having a better time there.
The last evening we spent in shanghai, the Saturday night, we went out with a good friend of ours who was also donator for our trip. He was in Shanghai as well and so we met. Again, we danced thru the whole night. In the morning, as we left the last club at about 08:00 he invited us to have breakfast at his 5 star hotel, the best breakfast I had in 7 month. He helped us organize a shuttle bus to the airport which turned out to be a huge travel-bus that the hotel had organized, just for us:0).
In the evening this bus came to our hostel, and brought us to the hotel again, where we had dinner with our friend. After the “ starliner“ brought us to the airport. The driver helped us with our luggage and brought us to the gate.
The feeling that this tour is over slowly got stuck in my throat and from time to time, little depression came thru my mind. Checking in was a horrible thing for the staff of Aeroflot was making up problems where there actually were none (as they admitted themselves later on).
As I sat in the plane, the engines pushing us into the air, I felt that the trip now definetly was going to be over. I fell into a restless sleep, from time to time I woke up and looked at the on-board navigation were we were at. We flew back around the world in only 9 hours, while it took us 7 month to get there. We passed country’s and city’s we had been in, crossed rivers and mountains within seconds, and arrived in Moscow, the first big city on the beginning of our trip,
We had to switch planes there and arrived in Berlin at 9:00 in the morning.
There we waited for our bikes to be checked out and found out they they had been left behind in Moscow. Actually the best that could have happened to us. Like this the airline would have to bring them to our flat for free. We went through the immigration, the policewomen said that I look different on the picture of my passport, I explained our trip and she laughed, waving me thru. We didn’t know what would expect us. We knew that a few friend would be there, our mother and her friend. And in deed, we had a warm welcome back, the good old linderhof-Sekt was opened and we toasted on our return.
It was a strange feeling opening the door of our apartment. Everything was in perfect order and looked just like 7 month ago. The friends that had lived here during our travel had done a great job keeping it in a good state. We had a few more „linderhofs“ and then went to bed for a few hours. In the evening some of our friends came along again, made a typical German dinner for us, „gebratene Maultaschen mit Pilzrahmsoße“, and we had a great evening telling story’s from our travel and listening to news from Berlin.
When I went to bed I slowly started to realize that I am here again.
I realized that live on a bike is over now and that my craziest life experience has come to an perfect end. The trip of my life was a complete success, my dream has become true.

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